New York, Washington DC, and Williamsburg – July 2014

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Day 1. 

The adventure started at the airport. Where Owen asked if “where we are going is on a different planet?” LOL! A guy sitting next to us couldn’t help but laugh. Although, Owen may have been on to something, Laguardia airport DID feel like another planet in many ways.

We were trying to be economical and take the city bus. But it took us a rather long time, with 6 suitcases in tow, to find it. And then the bus driver apparently decided that his shift was over when we were still over a mile from our hotel, and kicked everyone off! So we gave off and hailed a cab to get us the rest of the way.

We got check in at the Exclesior Hotel, and made it to our dinner reservation just in time. I had picked it because it was supposed to be kid friendly, and sure enough, Cars was playing in the booth.

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