Wyoming Eclipse – August 2017

Well, everyone had been talking about it all year, so we knew we couldn’t miss it! A total eclipse, dubbed “The Great American Eclipse”, as it was visible from a large part of the country.

We would have had a partial eclipse here at home, but thinking that wasn’t good enough, we made plans to make the pilgrimage to Wyoming to catch the real deal. In atypical Delaney-family fashion, we were rather late jumping on the boat here, and almost didn’t find a hotel room. I finally found what had to be the last room in the state at some little unknown motel in Guernsey, Wyoming. But it would do.

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Yoga & Hiking Retreat – Winter Park, CO – June 2017

Brian and I had made a last minute decision to sign up for a Yoga & Hiking retreat this weekend, offered by our gym (Colorado Athletic Club). The kids were off for a weekend with Grandma, while we were in for a weekend of, well, probably lots of yoga & hiking, lol!

We checked in at the Vintage Hotel in Winter Park, and met Lexi, one of our CAC hosts for the weekend. Unfortunately, the hotel didn’t have our room ready, so we took the Cabriolet gondola into the village to explore a bit.

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Ouray, CO Camping – June 2017

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For our summer camping trip, we decided to venture to a new part of the state – Ouray! We had heard good things. And, not gonna lie, it was one of the few places where I could still get a decent campsite when I finally got around to planning this. We had recently gotten a new cargo rack installed on the Jeep, and were anxious to try it out as well.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t figured out a good plan for securing stuff, and our idea to use tarps and ropes ended up looking a bit ghetto, lol!

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January 2016 – Florida Family Visit

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We had changed up our usual pattern, and instead of coming to Florida for Thanksgiving, we were spending New Years there instead. Brian had to leave work a little early so we could catch an afternoon flight to Tampa, on Dec. 30. Before we even left, I got notified that our flight was delayed 🙁 And by the time we got to the airport, it was delayed further.

We had dinner at the steakhouse restaurant in Concourse C. We’ve eaten here several times and it’s never very good, I don’t know why we keep coming back. It was the start of what would be a very rough night though, maybe some foreshadowing.

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December 2015 – Glenwood Springs

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For the first time ever, we were spending Christmas as just the 4 of us. So we thought it would be fun to get away on our own little Christmas Vacation! We had originally planned to leave for Universal Studios in Orlando, FL on Christmas Day, but because of our move and Brian’s new job, that trip wasn’t going to work out. I knew the kids were disappointed, so I wanted to at least go somewhere, even if it was closer to home. So Glenwood Springs it was! Since we left on Christmas, I might as well include Christmas morning in the tale.

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