About Us

We are a family of 4 that loves adventure! Through the years we have travelled quite a bit, and I try to document our experiences as best I can. This is a collection of all the trip memories I could come up with. Some of the trip reports were written during or just after the trip, and are much more detailed than the ones I had to piece together long after the fact, often relying on pictures and Facebook posts! But I figured anything I could preserve, I would.

If you explore our page very much, you will notice our traveling trends – we always take one “big” vacation every year (which we take turns picking), several small trips, a a few visits to Jaime’s family in Florida. We do tend to return to many of the same places time and time again (i.e. Disney World, Copper Mountain), but we try to fit in lots of new experiences too.

A little about us:

Brian – Software developer for Google, loves the outdoors and hiking

Jaime – Mom and Master Travel Planner, loves anything that breaks up the routine

Lily – 12 years old, competitive swimmer and seasoned traveller

Owen – 5 years old, “Boy” all the way, a wild child that loves adventure