Cross Country Skiing – Dec-Jan 2014-2015

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We took a New Years trip to the Nordic Country! Actually, we just stayed at a cheap Days Inn in Silverthorne, but it gave us a good jumping off point to explore the nordic centers in the area.

We spent the first day at Frisco Nordic Center. This was the first time that Owen did all his own skiing and didn’t get pulled in the sled at all- he handled it like a champ!

We skied for most of the day- came back to the lodge for lunch then headed out again – I think the ladies running the place were impressed with out stamina, especially Owen’s!

The hotel wasn’t fancy, but did have a hot tub and kiddie pool (which was cold!) and we enjoyed some time in there, as well as the sauna.

We didn’t stay up for New Years Eve, but opted to get more sleep so we would be ready to hit the trails the next day.

The second day (New Years Day) we went to the Breckenridge Nordic Center. We ended up breaking trail and skiing over to one of the gondolas (that you didn’t need a lift ticket for) so we took it up and had lunch at one of the base areas. It was such a madhouse! Perhaps we chose wisely by doing nordic skiing on the holiday weekend.

For dinners – we did get to try out a local brewery which was good. The other nights we went to Old Chicago and some weird place inside a nearby hotel. We laughed because when we walked in it was like the scene in Cars where everyone freaks out that they might actually have customers coming and no one seems to know what to do. Oh well, can’t win them all!