Steamboat Springs – December 2016

We take one big “ski vacation” every winter, in addition to the multiple day trips we make to the slopes. This year, we decided to venture a little farther away and went to Steamboat Springs. We had come up here last year for an overnight yurt adventure, that required some cross-country skiing. But we had never been to the downhill slopes here.

Unfortunately, the trip was right on the heels of our trip to Florida (we had less than a 48-hour turn around time.) Owen got sick literally as soon as we got home, and after assuming it was just a cold… but watching it get worse… I finally took him to the doctor on the morning of the day we were leaving. Turns out the poor kid had Influenza B!

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Beaver Creek Ski Trip – January 2016

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It’s been our habit for many years to take one “real” ski vacation, in addition to the multiple day trips we do throughout the winter and spring. For many years, we always went to Copper, but last year we had done something different and gone to Vail. So it seemed fitting this year to go to the Vail-sibling of Beaver Creek, one of the few nearby ski areas we had never been to.

In looking over some of my recent trip reports, Brian mentioned how stressed out we always seem – the vacation magic seems awfully hard to find these days. I suppose there is some truth to that, so I was hoping we could break the pattern here. While we do love travelling, it can be tough to remain calm when the kids are throwing a fit and being difficult. And I should clarify that in this regard, when I say “kids”, I largely mean “Lily”. Owen is usually pretty easy-going. He does tend to shut-down and zone-out a bit when he’s tired, but is mostly past the temper tantrum age, thank goodness. At a mere 5 years old, something his sister has yet to achieve at 12, lol!

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Skiing @ Copper – Jan. 2013

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Chapter 1. A Busy Day to Get Ready to Leave

Friday was a hectic day. A school we are considering for Lily (for next year) was having an open house, and we ended up spending about an hour there before taking Brian to work, and we had to drop Nala off at the groomer too. And then there was last minute shopping and errands to do, packing, all the usual. Then we picked Nala up from the groomer, took her to her cousins house (where she would stay for the next few days), and picked up Brian’s mom who was coming with us. One more stop to pick up Brian from work, and we were on our way!

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Skiing @ Copper – January 2012

It has become our habit to go to Copper Mountain every January for our long-weekend ski vacation. We’ve been to several other ski areas here in Colorado, but we always decide we like Copper better, so we’ve given up on trying a new place every year, and just stick with what works. We get a condo right at the slopes, and love the convenience of being able to walk right out to the lifts in the morning – so beats having to drive in early and get all suited up in the car! I decided not to ski this year actually, but am looking forward to some tubing and snow-shoeing.

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Skiing @ Copper – January 2011

After trying out many of the different ski resorts in our state, we have decided Copper is our favorite, so this year we are, for the first time, staying on-site in a slopeside Condo! Part of our package deal included Secret-Pass lift tickets, so we will be able to skip the lines! Last year, I didn’t get to ski, since i was pregnant with Owen, and I’m anxious to see how I do on the slopes this year.

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Skiing @ Keystone – January 2009

Trip Report – Skiing Vacation @ Keystone

Chapter 1. Is that… RAIN????

We weren’t in any particular hurry to get going Saturday morning, we basically had the whole day to get to Keystone. A few places to stop on the way, but it is only about a 3 hour drive. So we got up and leisurely got packed and loaded to go. We were out of the house by a little before 10am. First stop was to drop Nala off at the PetsHotel. She was shaking almost the whole way there, but we watched her for a few minutes after dropping her off and she seemed to relax a lot once she could run around, and sniff everything of course.

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