Steamboat Springs – December 2016

We take one big “ski vacation” every winter, in addition to the multiple day trips we make to the slopes. This year, we decided to venture a little farther away and went to Steamboat Springs. We had come up here last year for an overnight yurt adventure, that required some cross-country skiing. But we had never been to the downhill slopes here.

Unfortunately, the trip was right on the heels of our trip to Florida (we had less than a 48-hour turn around time.) Owen got sick literally as soon as we got home, and after assuming it was just a cold… but watching it get worse… I finally took him to the doctor on the morning of the day we were leaving. Turns out the poor kid had Influenza B!

We were at a loss as to what to do at first, but decided that there was no point in staying home. We couldn’t cancel our condo rental at that point, and we figured he could rest there as well as at home, and we could take turns skiing. So off we went.

Owen didn’t ski at all the first day, but did enjoy hanging out in the hot tub, and Brian spent a few hours on the slopes that morning. Our condo was small, but in a great location, just a short walk to the main gondola up the mountain. There was a small grocery store, and several restaurants nearby, which made it very convenient as well.

On the second day, Owen was convinced he was ready to ski. He managed to make it down a couple of runs, but was clearly not at his best. Fatigue set in very quickly, and he was having a hard time focusing. So after a bit of a scramble to find lunch in the crowded base area, we took the afternoon easy, enjoying the pool and hot tub some more.

It was New Year’s Eve, but none of us wanted to stay up for midnight. We did get to see some early fireworks launched though, we had a great view from our balcony!

Owen had a rough night, (I might have accidentally been up for midnight with him afterall) and I thought maybe we shouldn’t try to go out the next day. But we really wanted to go snowshoeing. So we took the gondola up to give it a go. We didn’t stay out too long, but both kids seemed to enjoy it. Steamboat is one of the few ski resorts that lets you snowshoe up on the mountain with the ski slopes.

Owen finally got to ski a bit with Brian on his last day, seeming to be through the worst of his illness (of course, just in time to go home!) The rest of us had been fighting it off the whole time, luckily never quite succumbing, but not feeling 100% either.

So, it wasn’t the most successful ski trip we’ve taken. But we did really like Steamboat, and are planning to go back next year for a do-over. Hopefully we’ll be able to fully enjoy it more then!