Vail Ski Trip – February 2015

We spent 4 days at Vail, staying in the Vail Marriott Mountain Resort. Talk about being spoiled! Curbside valet to get your luggage, and even ski valet to carry your skis right to the gondola for you!

Owen really didn’t want to go to ski school, so Brian took it upon himself to teach him how to ski. The first day was a little rough, after having a hard time on the slope, he hung his head as we were riding the gondola down and asked me if he “did terrible at skiing”. Just about broke my heart he was so sad and I did my best to reassure him. But by the second day he had really gotten the hang of it! Vail as a nice bunny slope area at the top of the mountain, and by the last day he was confident enough to take the regular green slope down (instead of riding down in the gondola)

Unfortunately, we had all been sick, fighting a stomach bug in the days before we left, and it was halfway through the trip before everyone was feeling 100%. Lily ended up missing 3 days of school before the trip because she was sick, then another 2 days for the trip itself, so she had a LOT of catching up to do.

The village itself is very quaint, and has lots of good restaurants to eat at. We discovered breakfast can be a little tricky though.

But overall, a great vacation! We really like the skiing here, but are going to find someplace cheaper to stay next time 🙂