Warrior Dash- August 2011

Copper Mountain / Warrior Dash Trip – August 2011

Prologue – About the trip.

Several months ago, Brian decided to sign up for the Warrior Dash. It is what has become termed an “adventure race”. Which means that it is a timed race, but in addition to running, there are all kinds of crazy obstacles to go through. People often come dressed in costumes, and pretty much everyone comes out covered in mud. He thought this sounded like great fun. So we planned a long-weekend trip to the mountains around it. We stayed 3 nights at Copper Ski Resort (which is where the race was), with stops at the Florrisant Fossil Beds and Breckenridge on the way there and back. Copper has become our favorite ski-vacation destination the last few years, so so were excited to see what it was like in the summer.

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