Disneyland – August/September 2017

So, a little background on the trip first. Several years ago, in 2013, I decided that I was going to sign up for a ½ marathon at Disneyland. I think it may have been the Tinkerbell race, sometime in the spring of 2014? The details are fuzzy now. But, before registration opened, we decided to make a trip to Florida around the same time. It made a lot more sense to add on a quick visit to Disney World instead, so I gave up on my running plans. Ever since then, it’s kind of been nagging me in the back of my brain that I really wanted to do a runDisney event at some point. But, the scheduling is so hard- they tend to have all the races at times we can’t easily travel.

Back last spring, as DH and I were training for the BolderBoulder, a large 10K event here in town, he mentioned that we should do a longer race sometime, and I reminded him that I still wanted to do a Disney ½ marathon at some point, so I decided to look at the dates again, and see if there was any way one of the weekends would work out. The only one that was even a remote possibility was the Disneyland ½ marathon, over Labor Day weekend. It would involve the kids missing a couple days of school, but nothing else was standing in the way at that time of year. When I casually suggested it a couple of days later, we decided to go ahead and do it this summer!  I immediately jumped on the computer and got us registered.

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