Florida – Mothers Day 2013

Florida – Mother’s Day 2013

We made a quick trip down to Naples to see Jaime’s family for Mother’s Day. We had only been back from Disney World for a few weeks, but we hadn’t had time on that trip to visit, so here we were.

Nothing too exciting, just handing out with Grandma and Grandpa and a short trip to the beach, where we saw a very unusual sand formation, and the kids got to watch Dolphins jumping in the waves.


Funny FB post on the way home:
Left the airport for a little while since we have a very long layover, coming back through security Owen got stubborn and refused to stay with me. I had to drag him forcibly up to the counter, causing some concern for the security agent. Further suspicious was that he then refused to tell her his name or age. So she tried to talk to Lily instead, who suddenly had one of her “timid attacks”, and wouldn’t answer anything without nervously looking at me first. (Hard questions like, What’s your name, and where are you going?) She finally let us go, but I’m pretty sure she thought I was kidnapping both of them.


Disney World – April 2013

Disney World – April 2013
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So as you may have noticed, we have a tradition of taking one “BIG” vacation every year, in addition to our many smaller trips. We take turns picking the destination for this, though we’ve tended to rotate between beach, national parks, and Disney World. (Stay tuned for something very different next year though!) This year it was time to head back to Florida to see the Mouse!!

This would be our 3rd Disney World Vacation as a family, though we’ve snuck in a few mini-trips on visits to my family as well. And it would be Owen’s very first Disney World trip!

There was much debate and decision-making on when to go and where to stay, but we finally settled on late-April (hoping for warm but dry weather, and lower crowds than we were used to in the summer), and staying at the Yacht Club (thinking it would be convenient to be close to Epcot, and that the kids would love the Stormalong-the-Bay pool)

Much research and planning began, and slowly the countdown of months creeped into weeks, and then finally days. It was almost time to go to Disney World!!!
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