Camping @ Rocky Mountain National Park – June 2013

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We had reserved a walk-site at RMNP many months ago, to make sure we had the best spot. And it did not disappoint! It was beautiful, right next to a creek, and very isolated from other campers, even though it was still just a short walk to the bathroom.

Brian took off on a long solo hike, and Lily was doing her own guided hike with a ranger, so Owen and I went to the visitor center and watched a puppet show. It was about the trouble they were having in the park with the Elk eating the Aspen trees.

We also did a family hike in Wild Basin to a waterfall, and drove along Trail Ridge road. It was cold and windy though! And we went to an evening ranger program at our campsite, the first time we’ve made it one of those.

Lily really enjoyed a stop at “Lily Lake”, and thought it was cool that it was named after her.

All through the trip Owen loved bouldering on the big rocks, and Lily really had fun taking lots of pictures with her camera.

We ended the trip by stopping at Grand Lake, the farthest west we’ve ever gone into the park. We played on the beach for a little while before a storm chased us out.


Moab, UT – October 2012

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Chapter 1. Swim Fast, then Hit the Road!

An early start to the day, as usual when some sort of travel is involved! But today we had another reason to be up early anyway. Lily had a swim meet at Gleneagle! I had initially been planning to hit the road to Moab first thing, but when we found out that the swim meet was scheduled for that morning, I figured we would just leave straight from the pool and accepted the obvious fact that we would be getting into Moab pretty late. She was excited to swim in the first in-house meet though so it would be worth it.

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Sequoia & Yosemite – May/June 2012

Pre-trip report.
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This story actually begins in Montana, in Glacier National Park to be exact, even though it isn’t where we are going. But we went there several years ago, and Brian declared it his favorite place in the world. When he would tell people that, they would always say that he should go to Yosemite, and assured him he would fall even more in love there. He was skeptical, but intrigued, so it became the natural choice for our next National Park vacation.

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Estes Park – February 2012

For Christmas, Brian’s parents had given us a snowshoe tour in Estes Park. Obviously we weren’t going to be able to take Owen on the tour, so it made the most sense for them to come up there for the weekend with us, so that they could babysit while we played in the snow šŸ™‚ So we rented a 2 bedroom cabin for the weekend, and hoped for good weather!

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Warrior Dash- August 2011

Copper Mountain / Warrior Dash Trip – August 2011

Prologue – About the trip.

Several months ago, Brian decided to sign up for the Warrior Dash. It is what has become termed an ā€œadventure raceā€. Which means that it is a timed race, but in addition to running, there are all kinds of crazy obstacles to go through. People often come dressed in costumes, and pretty much everyone comes out covered in mud. He thought this sounded like great fun. So we planned a long-weekend trip to the mountains around it. We stayed 3 nights at Copper Ski Resort (which is where the race was), with stops at the Florrisant Fossil Beds and Breckenridge on the way there and back. Copper has become our favorite ski-vacation destination the last few years, so so were excited to see what it was like in the summer.

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Glacier National Park – July 2009

Trip Report: Glacier – Wateron – Yellowstone – Grand Teton National Parks (July 2009)

The Cast:
Main Characters –

BrianĀ – this was his year to pick our vacation, so he is obviously very excited. Loves to hike, would hike all day every day if we let him! Is hoping we don’t get attacked by a bear.JaimeĀ – loves vacation, and any sort of adventure. Did all the planning for the trip. Is hoping no one falls off a cliff.LilyĀ – 5 years old, loves vacation, loves adventure, loves being with her family, loves everything. Is just hoping we don’t get lost. Continue reading

Moab, UT – October 2008

Trip Report – Moab, UT – October 2008

Pre-trip report
Let me start by saying that I love vacations. I look forward to them more than anything. And we had been planning this Moab Fall Trip for many months. So I should have been excited that it was almost here. Unfortunately events had been conspiring against me, and my mental state in the days before was not what it should have been becauseā€¦

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Rocky Mountain National Park- July 2008

Rocky Mountain National Park – July 2008

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Rocky Mountain National Park is one of our very favorite places, and we tryĀ to make sure we get up there at least once every summer. So we drug ourselves out of bedas early as we could on Saturday morning (which of course wasn’t as early as we had planned) and quickly tried to gather everything we thought we might need for the day’s hiking adventure. We realized just down the street that we had forgotten the sunscreen and went back for it, then made a quick stop by Carl’s Jr.s to pick up some breakfast for the road. The drive up to Estes Park was fairly uneventful, with almostĀ no traffic. Lily watched one Backyardigans episode on the iPod, other than that we all just enjoyed the scenery and each other’s company.

Yellowstone & Grand Teton- July 2006

Having gotten the travel bug last year in Hawaii, we were anxious to take our first real vacation as a family – bringing Lily along this time! She was 2 (going on about 12), and could be difficult at times, but also loved adventure and was excited to see the geysers! Since I initially made this trip report as a Powerpoint Slideshow, I’m going to do something different and just post the slides instead of typing everything out again šŸ™‚

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